Shipping Rates

How much does delivery cost?

We offer delivery at a flat rate per order of furniture. This price does not increase with additional items.

Deliveries to Toronto occur every Thursday during two time windows. These are 10am-12pm and 12pm-2pm. If delivery is required on another day/time this can be arranged at an additional cost. The amount depends on the delivery location, date, and time required.

Deliveries outside of Toronto Occur on Tuesday between either 10am-12pm or 12pm-2pm. If a delivery day/time is required outside of this please expect an additional charge. 

An email with a link to schedule your delivery will be sent immediately after purchase.

We are also happy to coordinate delivery with a third party at their rates. 

Delivery rates:

1-2 week delivery within 100km of Guelph, ON (Toronto, Waterloo, Hamilton, etc.) - $100

Currently all deliveries outside of Toronto that are 100km+ from us are handled via 3rd party service. Please contact us for pricing as fees may vary.

Delivery between 100km and 150km (+/-10km) from Guelph, ON - $150

Delivery between 150km and 200km (+/- 10km) from Guelph, ON - $200

Delivery between 200km and 250km (+/- 10km) from Guelph, ON - $250

Delivery between 250km and 300km (+/- 10km) from Guelph, ON - $275

Delivery between 300km and 350km (+/- 10km) from Guelph, ON - $325

Delivery between 350km and 400km (+/- 10km) from Guelph, ON - $375

Delivery between 450km and 500km (+/- 10km) from Guelph, ON - $425

Delivery 500km+ of Guelph, ON - TBD Please Contact (Varies based on area)

We are able to ship Canada-wide. Prices depend on the piece and the location. Please be aware that the delivery provider will require assistance with unloading your piece. Inquire with us through our Instagram or through our Contact Us page.

Please ensure that you contact us about shipping dates/times - especially for further deliveries (150km+). We will work with you to find a shipping time that works for you and fits with our availability.

Enter Your Address to Determine Your Shipping Rate

Shipping distance is determined via fastest route (avoiding tolls) and not in a straight line. Please ensure you are including these factors when determining your distance.

Press “Get Directions” to be taken to a page where you can enter your address.

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